General Information

Safety Products

The Scan range of safety products is designed to protect wearers in the most frequently occurring circumstances under which personal protection is either required or recommended in the building, construction, maintenance and associated industries.

Scan Safety products meet 'EN Standard' (European Norm) standards where applicable, and the EN reference number is listed for each individual product within this catalogue.

Some government statutes and EU regulations relating to personal safety state that personal protection is a statutory requirement under certain circumstances. The legislation is designed to cover all aspects of personal safety, especially when health hazards are known to, or are likely to, exist in the working environment.

In such cases, the regulations specify the 'EN Standard' relating to the protection capabilities and performance of the type of products involved.

Workwear Products

User comfort and long lasting service are the main considerations for the Scan range of workwear products which are designed to cater for the needs of both the professional user and enthusiastic DIYers. The products are manufactured to a standard that reflects the tough environment in which they are likely to be worn.

Customer Support Services

When you need technical advice on Scan Safety products, just reach for your phone, call 0845 673 3331, and mention the Scan brand name to talk to one of the safety specialists. You'll have access to a wealth of experience and information about our products, their applications and the standards to which they conform.

If you prefer to use an e-mail service, send your query to

EN Standards

Scan Safety products are made to EN (European Norm) standards which govern the safety industry's manufacturing standards and the suitability of products for protection against specific hazards.

EN reference numbers associated with Scan Safety products include:

  • EN 140
  • EN 149
  • EN 166
  • EN 169
  • EN 175
  • EN 345-SBP
  • EN 345-S1P
  • EN 345-S5
  • EN 352-2
  • EN 352-3
  • EN 354
  • EN 355
  • EN 361
  • EN 345
  • EN 362
  • EN 388
  • EN 397
  • EN 420
  • EN 455-1
  • EN 455-2
  • EN 471 Class 1
  • EN 477 Class 2
  • EN 477 Class 3
  • EN 812
  • EN 1731
  • EN 14387
  • EN 12941 TH1P

Information about the above standards and the applications for products conforming to each standard can be obtained from the Customer Support Services contact details listed above, or at

High-Visibility Clothing

Every employer has a legal obligation to provide clothing incorporating reflective material to employees who, during their work, are exposed to potentially hazardous situations in which they need to be seen by operators of moving machinery or vehicles. The wearing of high visibility clothing will help to minimise accidents because the wearer will be more visible to others, particularly after dark when seen in the light from vehicle headlamps.

Find out more about EN471 here.