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Head & Hearing


Short Peak Safety Helmet - Black


Short Peak Safety Helmet - White


Helmet Mounted Ear Defender (SNR30)


Ear Plug Dispenser SNR34 (250 Pairs)


Banded Foam Ear Bud SNR27


Silicone Ear Plugs SNR24 (3 Pairs)


Hi-Vis Ear Defender (SNR33)


Standard Industrial Safety Helmet - Black


Standard Industrial Safety Helmet - Orange


Standard Industrial Safety Helmet - White


Standard Industrial Safety Helmet - Blue


Standard Industrial Safety Helmet - Red


Standard Industrial Safety Helmet - Yellow


De-luxe Industrial Safety Helmet - White


De-luxe Industrial Safety Helmet - Yellow


Forestry Helmet Kit - Orange


Bump Cap


Collapsible Ear Defender (SNR28)


Standard Ear Defender (SNR29)


Tapered Foam Earplugs SNR36 (6 Pairs)


Tapered Foam Earplugs with Cord SNR34 (6 Pairs)


Silicone Ear Plugs SNR32 (3 Pairs)


Standard Safety Helmet Chin Strap

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Head Protection

Head protectors are essential for site workers and the safety requirements of workers needing protection from falling objects or striking against fixed obstacles.

Helmet colour guide

Each coloured helmet must be worn by different members of the workforce.

Black - Site supervisor
Orange - Slinger / Signaller
White - General use (Including sites where colour coding impractical), Manager, Client, Competent operative & Vehicle marshall
Blue - Inexperienced person / Visitor

Hearing Protection

Hearing protectors create a physical noise reducing barrier to avoid damage to the sensitive and fragile parts of the inner ear.

SNR (Single Number Rating) = The number of decibels reduced by the product

Noise Level ExamplesNoise Level Range
Ringing telephone - 80dBLess than 90dB
Loud radio - 80dBLess than 90dB
Busy traffic - 80dBLess than 90dB
Band saws - 85dBLess than 90dB
Power lawn mower - 90dB90-95dB
Belt sander - 93dB90-95dB
Tractor - 96dB95-100dB
Electric drill - 98dB95-100dB
Bulldozer - 105dB100-105dB
Blasting - 110dB110-115dB
Nail gun - 110dB110-115dB
Chainsaw - 120dB115-120dB
Propeller aircraft - 120dB125-130dB
Rivetting hammers - 130dB125-130dB
Jet engine aircraft - 140dB125-130dB