Household and Burns First Aid Kit


45 Piece Kit in weatherproof 4 pocket travel bag with handle and belt clips.
For use in the home and outdoors.
Suitable for burns, grazes, cuts and much more.


1 Triangular Bandage
1 Finger Dressing
2 Eye Wash 20ml
10 Assorted Clear Waterproof Plasters
1 Conforming Stretch Bandage
1 Medium Dressing
2 Burns Sachets
2 Burns Bandages
2 Adhesive Wound Dressings
4 Assorted Double Sided Non Adherent Wound Dressings
5 Pairs Disposable Vinyl Gloves
1 ReviveAid Mouth Piece
4 Moist Wipes
1 Scissors
1 Microporous Tape
6 Safety Pins


List Price ex.VAT £17.67
List price inc.VAT £21.20
Household and Burns First Aid Kit
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