Safety Kit - Goggles, Earmuff and FFP1 Masks


A five piece kit for eyes, ears and respiratory protection.

1 x Direct Vent Goggles - EN166:F
  • Large size direct ventilation through frame
  • Soft vinyl flanges around the goggles ensure comfort and conformity to facial contours
  • Tough polycarbonate clear anti-mist, UV resistant lens
  • Top and side perforations allow optimum airflow
  • Can be worn over spectacles
  • Elasticated headstrap
  • Will withstand medium energy high speed impacts up to 120m/s (270mph)

1 x Ear Defenders - EN352-1
A lightweight, general purpose ear defender with slimline ear cups. Reduces noise levels whilst allowing the wearer to continue hearing normal conversation.
  • Soft and wide PVC ear cushions enhance wearing comfort and acceptance
  • Flexible headband for a comfortable fit
  • Conforms to EN352-1: 1993
  • Adjustable cup height is designed to fit the majority of wearers
  • SNR 27dB

3 x Disposable Masks - FFP1 NR EN149
The adjustable nose clip with soft foam nose piece give a custom fitting. Complete with a non-irritating inner face piece for added comfort.

For use with:
  • General dust
  • Water based spray
  • Paint mist (Water based)


List Price ex.VAT £9.26
List price inc.VAT £11.11
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Respiratory protection

Respiratory protection is essential when working in an atmosphere contaminated by dust, vapours, fumes or gases. Many health and safety regulations place statutory demands on employers to ensure that the necessary level of protection is provided and used.

Disposable mask protection level guide:


NOT for respiratory protection. Reduces discomfort caused by exposure to coarse, non-toxic particles. Also protects the work piece from exhaled breath of the wearer.


Particles larger than 5 microns. General dust, Water based spray, Paint mist (Water based).


Particles between 2 and 5 microns. Sanding of softwood, Hand sanding MDF, Ceramic tile dust, Cutting slabs.

FFP2 Odour

Particles between 2 and 5 microns. Solvent paint vapour (Brush applied), Welding fumes, Metal dust.


Particles less than 2 microns. Loft insulation, Hardwood dust & cutting MDF, Stone cutting, Plastering.

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