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Due to the Coronavirus situation, demand for masks has been far higher than usual. This has unfortunately left Scan with no stock of masks. Deliveries of new stock have also been affected.
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Duranet Valved Disposable Masks FFP3


The Scan FFP3 Duranet Moulded Valved Mask has been developed to improve the comfort of disposable respirators, whilst maintaining an excellent face fit. The mask's mesh shell helps to support the filter and helps to maintain its shape, preventing collapse onto the face.

It has a soft foam nose piece, non-irritating inner face piece and elasticated retaining straps and an exhalation valve that makes breathing easier. The mask is metal free.

To be disposed of after each period of work or 4 hour shift.

With a FFP3 protection level, these masks will protect lungs against very fine particles (less than 2 microns).

They are ideal for use with:
  • Loft insulation
  • Hardwood dust & cutting MDF
  • Stone cutting
  • Plastering

Resistance to clogging
These masks have passed the optional Dolomite clogging test, giving the user better breathing resistance for longer.

The masks conform to EN149:2001 and A1:2009.


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Description: Declaration of Conformity
Type: EN149:2001+A1:2009
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Respiratory protection

Respiratory protection is essential when working in an atmosphere contaminated by dust, vapours, fumes or gases. Many health and safety regulations place statutory demands on employers to ensure that the necessary level of protection is provided and used.

Disposable mask protection level guide:


NOT for respiratory protection. Reduces discomfort caused by exposure to coarse, non-toxic particles. Also protects the work piece from exhaled breath of the wearer.


Particles larger than 5 microns. General dust, Water based spray, Paint mist (Water based).


Particles between 2 and 5 microns. Sanding of softwood, Hand sanding MDF, Ceramic tile dust, Cutting slabs.

FFP2 Odour

Particles between 2 and 5 microns. Solvent paint vapour (Brush applied), Metal dust.


Particles less than 2 microns. Loft insulation, Hardwood dust & cutting MDF, Stone cutting, Plastering.

View the 'Respiratory protection selection guide'

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