Light-Duty Face Shield - Pack of 10


This light-duty Scan face shield has an elasticated head strap and a sponge brow guard for user comfort. The visor is ideal for protection against dust and liquid splashes and is also anti-fog to ensure visibility.

  • Protects against liquid splashes
  • Protects against light dust particles
  • Soft Sponge brow guard
  • Anti-fog to ensure visibility
  • Elasticated head strap
  • Supplied in a pack of 10


List Price ex.VAT £35.01
List price inc.VAT £42.01
Size Pack of 10
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EN 166:1 (3)
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Eye protection

A range of spectacles, goggles, and face shields providing a level of protection over a wide span of applications and hazards.

STANDARD EN166:F - Spectacles

F - high speed particles, low energy impact (any type).

EN166:F is the highest standard available in safety spectacles. Impact resistance for mechanical strength F is tested by firing a 6mm steel ball weighing 0.86g travelling at maximum 45 m/s(100mph) at the time of impact.

Suited for tasks like drilling, sawing, grinding and hammering.

STANDARD EN166:B - Goggles

B - high speed particles, medium energy impact (goggles and faceshields only).

The goggle housing has a higher impact resistance and allows greater protection from hazardous liquids, dust and gases. Goggles provide the minimum protection for mechanical strength B (6mm 0.86g steel ball at max 120m/s(270mph) on impact).

Lens colour guide

Coloured lenses filter light for specific applications and enhance different aspects from indoor low light to outdoor high contrast purposes. Choose the right one for the job!

Clear - Indoor general applications.
Amber - Indoor low light applications.
Blue - Indoor excessive yellow or sodium vapour light. Offers a high contrast.
Smoke - Outdoor protection from excessive glare.
Mirror - Outdoor applications, reduces glare.