Spill Kit 18 Litre Oil & Fuel


Absorbs oil, fuel and solvents.
  • High performance absorbent pads and socks
  • Ideal for vehicles and workshops
  • Absorbs up to 18 litres
  • Kit includes 10 high performance absorbent pads (40 x 50cm), 2 high performance absorbent socks (8 x 120cm) and 1 disposal bag with tie


List Price ex.VAT £40.99
List price inc.VAT £49.19
18 Litre Oil & Fuel
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Spill Control & Cleaning

A range of products for coping with spills involving water, oil, fuel and chemicals.

Absorbent Pad colour guide

The pads are available in three types to absorb different liquids.

Black - Absorbs coolant, oil, water, solvents and non-aggressive fluids.
White - Absorbs oil, fuel and solvents.
Yellow - Absorbs acid, solvents and strong chemicals.