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In store sign display.

Size: W390mm x D420mm x H1860mm.

Contains the following signs.
1SCA0002Safety helmets must be worn in this area - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
2SCA0005Wear ear protectors - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
3SCA0007Eye protection must be worn - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
4SCA0016Protective footwear must be worn - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
5SCA0022High visibility jackets must be worn in this area - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
6SCA0023Protect your hands - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
7SCA0151Fire door Keep shut - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
8SCA0153Fire door Keep locked shut - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
9SCA0158Fire escape Keep clear - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
10SCA0175Fire action procedure - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
11SCA0255Keep out - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
12SCA0404Now wash your hands - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
13SCA0550No smoking - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
14SCA0552No smoking - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
15SCA0567No smoking It is against the law to smoke on these premises - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
16SCA0600No entry - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
17SCA0605No parking - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
18SCA0608Strictly no admittance - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
19SCA0750Danger Electric shock risk - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
20SCA0761Danger High voltage - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
21SCA0954Danger Forklift trucks - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
22SCA1113Warning Anti climb paint - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
23SCA1200Danger Men at work - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
24SCA1301Danger - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
25SCA1311Warning CCTV Cameras in operation - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
26SCA1350Fire extinguisher - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
27SCA1351Fire extinguisher - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
28SCA1451Fire point - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
29SCA1503Fire exit running man arrow down - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
30SCA1504Fire exit running man arrow right - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
31SCA1506Fire exit running man arrow left - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
32SCA1507Fire exit man running right - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
33SCA1513Fire exit Keep clear - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
34SCA1523Push bar to open - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
35SCA1540Fire exit Keep clear - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
36SCA1541Fire assembly point - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
37SCA1550First aid - PVC (200 x 300mm)2
38SCA1553First aid box / First aid - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
39SCA1607Notice Concealed CCTV cameras operate on these premises - PVC (300 x 200mm)2
40SCA1652Private property Keep out - PVC (300 x 200mm)2


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80 Signs
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Safety Sign Guide

A selection of rigid plastic signs that are easily punched or drilled. Suitable for both internal and external applications. The self adhesive backed gloss PVC vinyl signs and labels are suited for application to smooth dry surfaces.

The signs on this website are just a small selection from the 10,000 safety signs that are available. For further details please ask your local stockist or request our Safety Sign Catalogue. Bespoke signs are available on request.

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Symbols and Colours

Health and safety signs can be broken down into the following categories, as specified by British Standards.


Mandatory Signs
Colour: White & Blue
A blue circle containing a white image denoting that a specific course of action must be taken.


Prohibition Signs
Colour: Black, Red & White
A red circular band crossed with a diagonal bar on a white background. A black symbol behind this band indicates the prohibited action.


Hazard Signs
Colour: Black, Yellow & White
A yellow triangle with a black border and symbol denoting a hazard in the environment.

Safe Condition

Safe Condition Signs
Colour: White & Green
A green rectangle or square with a symbol/text in white providing information about safe conditions.

Fire Equipment

Fire Equipment Signs
Colour: White & Red
A red rectangle or square with a symbol/text in white providing information about the location and use of fire fighting equipment.

ISO 7010 - A Guide To New Sign Symbols

You may notice a number of changes to our Safety Signs this year. The HSSA (Health & Safety Sign Association) has adopted the latest ISO 7010 symbols outlined in Amendments 1-6. These combine with some of the more familiar BS 5499 symbols to complete the HSSA assured range.

ISO 7010 has been devised to create consistent symbols, using new pictograms, which have been judgment tested across various EU countries to ensure the symbols are universally understood and recognised. The new symbols are based upon BS 5499, some have subtle differences and others are extremely different.