ViraWipes - High performance surface wipes - Tub of 225


ViraWipes are high-performance surface sanitary wipes. Proven to kill at least 99.9% of disease-causing micro-organisms including: MRSA, Norovirus and Hepatitis B and C. Ideal for use in the home or retail environment.

ViraWipes are currently untested on COVID-19, however, COVID-19 has an 'envelope' structure around each virus. This suggests it will be sensitive to VIRAWIPE as it kills 99.9% of similar “enveloped” viruses in under 5 minutes.

NHS approved protection against the formation of bacteria and superbugs.

Supplied as a tub of 225 wipes.

In Vitro Efficacy Data - Viruses: Feline Calici Virus (Noro Virus surrogate) Bacteria.
EN 1276.


List Price ex.VAT £46.99
List price inc.VAT £56.39
Size 225 Wipes
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Spill & Leak Control

A range of products for coping with spills involving water, oil, fuel and chemicals.

Absorbent Pad colour guide

The pads are available in three types to absorb different liquids.

Black - Absorbs coolant, oil, water, solvents and non-aggressive fluids.
White - Absorbs oil, fuel and solvents.
Yellow - Absorbs acid, solvents and strong chemicals.

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