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Head protectors are essential for site workers and the safety requirements of workers needing protection from falling objects or striking against fixed obstacles. Hearing protectors create a physical noise reducing barrier to avoid damage to the sensitive and fragile parts of the inner ear.

SNR (Single Number Rating) = The number of decibels reduced by the product

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Tapered Foam Earplugs with Cord SNR33 (6 Pairs)

Made from soft energy absorbing polymer foam, which compresses and then expands for a perfect fit in the ear canal. Reduces sound levels to the ear drum while maintaining aural contact. With the benefit of attached cords to avoid dropping or loss and are visible in use.
  • Yellow tapered polymer foam
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Conforms to EN352-2:2002
  • Six pairs per pack - three re-usable containers each with two pairs of ear plugs
Minimum Sound Attenuation   H = 33dB   M = 30dB   L = 27dB   SNR = 33dB

Frequency (Hz)631252505001K2K4K8K
Sound Attenuation (dB)--30.332.134.735.136.843.045.8
Standard Deviation (dB)--
Assumed Protection Value (dB)-- 29.930.739.242.8

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 SCAPPEEARPLC 6 Pairs Toolbank

List price ex.VAT £3.78
List price inc.VAT £4.54

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